Introducing the SQE Constant Pressure System

Constant Water Pressure

Constant water pressure means you get the water pressure when you need it. As water consumption increases, pump performance automatically adjusts water pressure to meet the demand. The user-friendly control unit indicates how the pump is performing and warns of any faults. With a SmartFlo System, water pressure is maintained even if a family is showering,
washing the car, and watering the lawn at the same time. All of your water supply needs are answered with a Grundfos SmartFlo SQE Constant Pressure System.

Easy Installation

Grundfos SQE is designed for fast, easy installations. All connections fit most new and existing systems. Additionally, SQE is small and light-weight, making it easy
to manage even in difficult applications.


  • Soft Start - Prevents water hammer and reduces stress on electrical service mains.
  • High Start Torque - Even at low starting voltage the SQ/SQE delivers a reliable water supply.
  • Overload Protection - Protects the motor against unstable voltage supply by reducing speed or stopping the pump.
  • Dry-Run Protection - Stops and prevents the pump from damage in case of dry running.