Problem Water

An All-In-One Water Treatment Solution

The revolutionary Sanitizer series from Water Right is the only all-in-one water treatment system on the market to combine the functions of several pieces of water treatment equipment into one powerful package.

Water Softening

The Sanitizer's special Crystal-Right media is specially designed to be a more efficient ion-exchange media than traditional softener resin. This means that you get more softening power from 1 cubic foot of Crystal-Right media than with traditional softener resin. This unique media also regenerates much quicker, using less salt per regeneration cycle than a traditional softener and is also impervious to Chlorine. Through the use of Water-Right's patented Chlorine generator, the Sanitizer cleans and sanitizes it's media with every regeneration!

Iron and Manganese Removal

Tired of red or brown staining on your tubs, toilets and fixtures? The Sanitizer system also removes up to 10ppm (Parts Per Million) of iron depending on system size and can even remove stubborn Iron bacteria through the use of it's patented Chlorine generator system.

Iron removal depends upon several factors including the pH of the water and the type of iron present in the water. If you think you might have an iron problem, give the professionals at Precision Pump, Inc. a call. We have a wide variety of solutions to your iron problems and would be glad to help you!

Odor Removal

Tired of turning on the tap or shower and being overpowered by the smell of rotten eggs? The sanitizer's patented chlorine generator kills the bacteria that causes that odor with every regeneration.

Acid Neutralization

Low pH water can damage your copper pipes, faucets and fixtures. It can leave green staining in sinks and tubs. At very low levels it can even be harmful to your health. The unique Crystal-Rite media can help to raise the pH of acidic water, saving your fixtures and saving you money!

If you think you might have a pH problem, contact the professionals at Precision Pump, Inc. and we would be glad to help design a water treatment system for your specific needs!