FlexLite Pressure tanks come in these convenient sizes:

Model: Volume: Total Drawdown*:
  20/40 30/50 40/60
FL5 15 Gal 6.0 Gal 5.1 Gal 4.4 Gal
FL7 22 Gal 8 Gal 7.5 Gal 6.5 Gal
FL12 35 Gal 14.1 Gal 11.9 Gal 10.3 Gal
FL17 50 Gal 20.1 Gal 17 Gal 14.7 Gal
FL22 65 Gal 26.1 Gal 22.1 Gal 19.1 Gal
FL28 82 Gal 33 Gal 27.9 Gal 24.1 Gal
FL30 90 Gal 36.2 Gal 30.6 Gal 26.5 Gal
FL40 119 Gal 47.9 Gal 40.5 Gal 35 Gal

* Drawdown refers to the amount of water available in the tank based on the volume of gas (air) inside the tank. It assumes a 2psi differential between the cut-in pressure and the amount of gas in the tank.

Pressure Tanks

Next to your pump, your pressure tank assembly is the single most important piece in your water service system. Without a properly functioning pressure tank, your pump would have to work constantly to provide pressure to your fixtures. Resulting in inconsistent pressure and premature pump failure.

We recommend Flexcon Industries FlexLite series. The FlexLite pressure tanks are a lightweight fiberglass diaphragm tank with a five year warranty.