Norwesco Black Vertical Storage Tanks
Size (Gallons): Diameter (in.): Height (in.):
305 46 50
550 67 44
1000 64 80
1100 87 53
1350 71 88
1550 87 67
2500 95 91
3000 95 109
5000 102 152

Storage Tanks

Tired of Running out of Water Because of Your Low Yielding Well?

Storage tanks from Norwesco can help! By storing water in a large storage tank, you'll always have water on demand. No more waiting for your pressure tank to fill up so you can take a shower or flush the toilet. Water is stored inside the tank and is available on-demand whenever you need it!

How it works

The tank serves as a kind of artificial well, providing the main water source for your home or irrigation system. Once the tank is filled, when water is needed, it is pumped from the storage tank by a second pump either installed either as a submersible pump inside the tank or as a jet pump outside the tank. As the water level in the storage tank lowers, it activates a float inside the tank. This can either be a mechanical float valve similar to the one found in your toilet tank, or an electronic switch. The float signals your well pump to activate and refill the storage tank. This all happens automatically and in most cases without any noticeable loss in water pressure to the home or irrigation system.

The tank's plastic shell is made from FDA approved resins and designed specifically for the storage of potable water. The unique black color is designed to allow less light to enter the tank than other lighter colored storage tanks. This in turn helps reduce the formation of water-borne algae inside the tank. In our experience these tanks work extremely well.

Norwesco tanks are made with a 16" fill opening, a 2" bottom fitting and a 1½" top fitting. Below is specific information on the sizes of tank that we carry along with their respective gallon capacities.